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Ukrainian HR Summit 2016

Ukrainian HR Summit 2017 Program

  8:15 – 9:00  

Registration of participants,
welcome coffee

  9:00 – 9:05   

Opening speech of the host:
Alexander Polyanchuk
Managing Partner,
Alex Polin



  9:05 9:35  

Yevgeny Shevchenko
General Manager, Carlsberg Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine,

We live in the era of constant change, and only adapting to these changes can allow us to be competitive. Every year, more and more new professions appear, and more and more professions are on the verge of extinction due to technological development and informatization of society. In his speech, Evgeny Shevchenko will tell about the existing link between changes and competitiveness of the countries, what competitiveness criteria exist, and what impact such changes have on the business.

  9:35 10:35   

Greg Nortje
Group Head of Human Resources, Ferrexpo plc, London, UK,

«Shaping the HR Function for Success»
HR function directly influences the success of any company. After all, people are undoubtedly the main asset of the business. Therefore, in his speech, Greg Nortje will tell you how to properly form an HR function that will lead company to success. And it won’t be just words but practical tools that have been developed and tested during more than 25 years of work experience.
Greg will also touch upon the following questions: What is the potential of the global HR sphere?; What global HR trends are awaiting us and which of them Ukraine will be able to put into practice in the nearest future?; What difficulties will HR face, and what skills a manager should possess in order to cope with them?

10:35 10:55 


  10:55 11:25  

Tamas Hak-Kovacs
Chairman of the Board, OTP bank, Kyiv, Ukraine,

«How to motivate people?»
Ukrainian business has experienced two very difficult years during which top management of companies, mid-level managers and ordinary employees have united more than ever to survive. Now companies want to prosper again, which requires maintaining the same corporate spirit but with less external pressure. As external pressure disappears, the top managers of companies face a new challenge: how to motivate employees to use their potential in full. Tamas Hak-Kovacs will tell about new ways of motivating people in the realities of the modern world.

  11:25 12:40  

Sunny Grosso
Founder & CEO of Culture Trails, Culture Chief at Delivering Happiness, Expert at Zappos, San-Francisco, USA

«Happiness as a Business Model»
Sunny will tell how to create a company with a unique corporate culture built on trust, emotional connection with a brand, and about happiness of employees as a basis for doing business. Sunny will also share the secrets of Delivering Happiness and answer the most important question: What is needed to successfully put into practice the experience of doing ‘happy’ business in Ukraine.

  12:40 – 13:20  


  13:20 14:20  

Gökhan Denizhan
Retail Human Resources Director (MENA, CEE, CIS, RUSSIA & TURKEY), LC Waikiki, Istanbul, Turkey,

«Leadership As Unusual»
Everything changes and nothing stands still (Heraclitus of Ephesus).
There were only 3 main leadership styles during the last 150 years: Autocratic, Democratic and Situational. But today in the world of exponential changes more and more challenges appear before top-managers. The fact that 33 % of university students and new generation employees see internet as a fundamental need like air, water and shelter, should change the approach to leadership and motivation in the nearest future.

  14:20 15:20   

Andre De Wit
Vice President Learning, Carlsberg Group, Copenhagen, Denmark

«Visionary Leadership»
Do you remember the incredible speech of Steve Jobs to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005? This is an excellent example of a new trend not only in HR management but also in a business called ‘storytelling’. Andre De Wit will particularly dwell on how to convey the mission, values, culture and long-term goals of the business to the employees using storytelling, so that each of them sees a personal motivation to grow and develop together with the company.

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  15:20 – 15:40  


  15:40 – 16:10  

Nataliya Strelkova
HR Director,
Metinvest Holding LLC, Kyiv, Ukraine

Topic is being agreed


  16:10 16:40  

Kateryna Kostiuk

«Best Management and Talent Retention Practices»
It's no secret that talented people make great companies, and attraction of talents is a priority task of HR-function today. At the same time, 92% of recruiters say that finding suitable people to fill the vacancy has become much more difficult in 2017. Katerina Kostyuk will tell what practices and tools are needed to attract and manage talents. As a prehistory: HR-directors are wizards who find, develop, motivate and retain talents.

  16:40 – 17:10      Sparring session

«Leadership style through the sport view»
Sport and Leadership. How can we compare two such different concepts? But our heroes, Yuri Kurmaz and Vladimir Dehtyarev, representatives of different types of sports: team (volleyball) and single (running), are already ready to come together to a duel to find the key common feature between them:
A team of stars or a star-team
Dynamic leadership distribution against the leader’s charisma
The role of the final throw

Get ready, it will be hot!

  1   Yuri Kurmaz
       Director, Ukrtelecom PJSC,
       Kyiv, Ukraine

  2   Vladimir Dehtyarev
       Director and co-owner of PR Agency Newsfront,
       Kyiv, Ukraine

  17:10 – 17:30  


  17:30 – 18:20        Panel CEO-discussion

«Leadership of the Future»
The world is changing and so are the business processes: crazy flow of information and new technologies, constant transformations and innovations, as well as optimizations with adaptations. But will such ‘global’ changes affect such an ‘established’ term as leadership? If yes, then to what extent.
The participants of this session, successful directors general of major international and Ukrainian companies, will talk about what is their personal basis for success, what type of leadership they pertain to, and share their secrets of personal performance. They will also tell about what the leaders of the future ought to be, and what one should start doing right now in order to match this title. And maybe nothing needs to be done and the definition of true leadership will not change ... We will find out at the session!

       Andrei Stanchenko
       PhD, CEO of NRG,
       Kyiv, Ukraine

  1   Oleg Prokhorenko
       CEO and Chairman of the Board,
       Kyiv, Ukraine

  2   Andrew Favorov
       Director, Managing Partner,
       Kyiv, Ukraine

  3   Vadim Sidoruk
       General Manager,
       DHL Express Óêðàèíà,
       Kyiv, Ukraine


  4   Dmytro Krepak
       Country Manager,
       Visa International
       (Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia)

  18:20 – 20:00  

Cocktail Party

* The program may be subject to change