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   Ukrainian     HR Summit 2016

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Ukrainian HR Summit 2016

Comments of participants on the Ukrainian HR Summit

I liked this event very much as well as the way it was organized and conducted. It included a lot of interesting reports. The last session which featured s of the companies against (or versus, as they say) HR-directors was very instructive. It was nice to see that the directors general understand the HRs role and try to develop in this context.
And as to HR-directors, I think, it was a good thing to see there are advancements in the thoughts of directors general, and we shall always see here fellows in business who had come together. Therefore the event organization was at a very high level.
I can compare it with various forums that are conducted, with various summits that are held, but this one conquered me as it had a selection of very good speakers, and the interactive sessions were organized at a very high level!

Elena Kubanova, Adviser for Organizational Development,
ROLF Group of Companies

Well. We are very glad for an opportunity to be here, because I think that is mostly very important people from HR here from Ukraine. We are very glad that almost everybody can speak English here, because we are Czech company and we have the great product at the moment. The impressions are great, I mean the cooperation with the people, the possibility to speak with the people, and also the service that the Conference organizer (Alex Polin remark) provided is great. We have the simultaneous translation here, theinterpreter of English is great.

Jacub Jelinek, Business Development Manager HR,
LMC s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic

I am delighted with the professionalism that I have seen today among the speakers - HR-managers, who all take keen interest in the improvement of professionalism displayed today as 200 persons attended the event. Before the May holidays, we all know that April is usually a very difficult month in terms of allocating for it a whole day for attending the conference, to listen to their colleagues. And the fact that 200 persons the leading HR-experts of Ukraine, have found this time, came, actively participated, asked questions, spoke about themselves reveals to us that it is a highly professional community, and this community is determined to grow, to enhance its professional skills.

Karina Khudenko, Partner

A wonderful summit! Within two days, I got such a concentrated boost of terms, cases, metrics and best practices. And on this basis, a certain system emerged in my head, or a concept of personnel management, or humans in an organization. It was great! Thank you to the organizers! Thank you to the speakers as the reports were very interesting!

Sergei Savitskiy Director General, Member of Board of Directors,
Atlant-M International Automobile Holding

I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent organization of the event and to say that such forums that gather people to discuss practices of serious companies, especially in the light of serious changes, are very useful.

Tatyana Plyusnina, Head of HR Department,
Raiffeisen Bank Aval

First of all, I would like to thank the organizers of this wonderful summit and highlight the most important points, in my opinion. All events that took place during this day were very informative and rich not in empty information but in very specific, useful presentations which every HR can use in his or her further activities.
I believe that taking in consideration the overloading that the HR experts in a developing company are experiencing, in a company that is looking for changes and is keen on effecting these changes, for them a presence at such summits is very important. And if there were no such good organization and such profound materials, it would be probably deeply disappointing about the wasted time.
I only have now a strong feeling that it was not in vain, that there are many like-minded fellows who aspire to make their companies better, and the companies will be better when the people we are working with and are responsible for, will be more professional, will be happier!

Galina Voronetskaya HR Director, CIS Business Unit,
VimpelCom Group of Companies

On my side I want to thank you for well-organized summit and selection of the speakers. Topnotch members, speakers and audience. Great common atmosphere.
CEO session was brilliant and demonstrated many-sided comprehension of HR functions in business. Thank you! Stay on course!

Alyona Kozlova, HR Director,
Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group

I am very well surprised. I didnt have such high expectations, but we are very positively surprised. That is the result of people who are organized this event perfectly. So we would like definitely to attend it the next year. We are happy to be here. And the service, and the support of all participants are excellent. The discussions are very interesting for us. We are surprised how many people in Ukraine speak English perfect. Its very interesting event. And Im glad to be here.

Katerina Komankova, Business Development Manager,
LMC s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic

I had some over-expectations concerning the summit when I was reading the programme and knowing who the speakers are. And I am very glad that I was not disappointed. I am very pleased with the quality of the speakers. All too often, it happens at the conferences that there are two, three, four key speakers whose reports are very interesting to listen to, and there are guys just for creating a crowd. This is what I observe. nd at our todays summit it is interesting to listen to every presentation and report, and it brings something new for the experienced HR-professionals, and for the young employees all the more.

Natalya Khvostova Director of the HR-department,
Kernel Trade

I wish to thank you once again for having invited me to participate in the Ukrainian HR Summit. I was very pleased to address the meeting and share the experiences with the HR-professionals, to find out new HR trends.
Such activities certainly boost the prestige of the HR profession, by stressing the importance of HR in forging of a successful business and developing the labour market.

Svetlana Kishinskaya, HR Director

Very good level of the event. The plan of activities was carefully organized, thus there were possibilities to choose which topics to listen to and to ask questions.

Irina Markina, HR Director,
Danone Ukraine and Belarus

General impression is excellent. Proficient speakers, perfect organization, interesting members. I like the fact that lineup was homogeneous, almost everybody was HR manager, that enables audience to share common range of interests. As well, I want to make special mention of your efforts over practical value of presentations. That was the most important thing.
I'm grateful to you for this event!

Nataliya Holubnichaya, Advisor to the Chairman of supervisory board on the personnel matters,
Unex Bank, Kiev, Ukraine.