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   Ukrainian     HR Summit 2016

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Ukrainian HR Summit 2016

Results of the Ukrainian Summit 2011

Discuss tendencies and topical issues in HR. Express an opinion on debatable points in HR management. To receive feedback from top executives of the leading Ukrainian companies.Fillprofessional database with new contacts and getenergy forthenew managerial decisions. Here is incomplete list of tasks implemented at Ukrainian HR Summit 2011, which took place on April, 21 in Parus business-centre, Kyiv. Alex Polin became an organizer of the event that was attended by 206 delegates.


Speakers of the morning session cheered the audience for the rest of the day. Nataliya Strelkova, HR Director, MetinvestHoldingevoked the discussion on the subject The Ways To Build A Personnel Management System. Introducing diverse HR systems should consider dynamics of the relationships with HR service head as a new team-member. Namely lack of attention to the dynamics of the relationships often leads to failures in introducing orderly and methodologically correct HR systems. Nataliya eagerly shared the approaches to problem-solving, which she successfully applies in her business with the members of the conference.

Natalia Strelkova, HR Director, Metinvest Holding, Donetsk, Ukraine

Overfullplan is a goal for the employees of the "Kraft Foods Ukraine" company. Oksana Semenyuk, HR Director, East Europe and Central Asia, knows sense in the motivation point: "What would you like to get for exceeding the plan?" What a shrewd move as the workers feel the creditworthiness of the management. Naturally, confidence in the plan implementation is laid. Moreover, the employees are oriented to achieving greater results.

During the last years "Kraft Foods Ukraine" demonstrates solid growth rates. The way in which relations between the company management and the employees are organized is impressive. From the very first day workers know their personal development goals. Ukrainian office of the company is considered to be the best in personnel managers training. More than150 peoplefrom the "Kraft Foods Ukraine" gainwork experienceabroad.This point evoked great interest of the audience. One of the delegates asked a question: "If you let the employee work abroad, will he/she come back?" Oksana wisely answered: "If you start your career in the international company, there is no need to come to nothing more than one country. To make people back is not our aim. We face another situation: our valuable workers reject chances of working abroad. They love working here and often are interested in opportunity to work for other countries' "Kraft Foods" units, located in Ukraine.

Oksana Semenyuk, HR Director, Kraft Foods Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev


Tatiana Plyusnina, HR Director, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, shared her experience in centralization of functions in a big company. Who will benefit from it? What functions should not be centralized? Tatiana gladly told about common mistakes and outlined the ways how to use best practices in the crisis situations.

Tatiana Pluysnina, HR Director, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Ukraine, Kiev

A report of Alyona Kozlova, HR Director, UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group, differed drastically. During the speech Alyona recount about HR issues in three perspectives: production, retail and banking. Brilliant practical examples fascinated the audience. The speaker has inspired delegates to make unconventional decisions, and be awared of practical side of the business they are involved in.

Alyona Kozlova, HR Director, Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group Ukraine, Kiev

Leadership: mission impossible/possible. Have you ever thought about it? This question was raised by Andrey Krivokorytov, President, Brain Source International. The speaker did a brief survey of the main approaches to the nature of leadership. He considered some definitions false since one person shows his/her worth in management, other one is good at control and so on. Andrey suggested a brilliant idea: to describe a leader by his special thrill. The speaker is sure that to score big successes the leader must be supported by the strong like-minded team.

HR 2011 -


This opinion was passed by Svetlana Kishinskaya, HR Director, "OTIS", Eastern Europe. The speaker expressed her view concerning the role of HR in the mergers and take-overs ( mergers and acquisitions) of companies. An expert dealt with questions concerning minimization of losses in key talents, adoption of new communication strategy with personnel and new interfunctions which should be considered.

Yevheniy Delov, Country Director,"ANCOR Holding", surveyed domestic labour-market. The speaker noted that Ukrainian market suffers from the shortage of skilled personnel while salary proposal reached and even overstripped pre-crisis level. The expert proposed to eliminate difficulties in staff recruitment by means of business reorganization, expansion of search section and so on.

Eugeniy Delov, Country Director, Ukraine, ANCOR Holding Ukraine, Kiev

Changes or development? What are the consequences of application of new technologies to a subtle HR-activity? Andrey Teslinov, Science Consultant, International Institute of Management LINK, Russia. The speaker marked out modern approaches to the development management and told about "LINK" network experience. The expert is sure that development is better than changes, that is why he proposed to pass from trainings to problem education and to arrange so called "extreme-sessions".

Andrey Teslinov, Science Consultant, International Institute
of Management LINK Moskow, Russia


In people-oriented to the work the only key for success is trust.
La Rochefoucauld

Alexander Karpov, HR Director, LG Electronics RUS, discussed innovative HR as a basis for business leadership. The speaker was sure, that Trust takes key position. A report of Alexander was full of practical examples. He told particularly about grant programmes designed for talent-acquisition, encouragement programmes for the best workers and about employeessocialpackages. It is notable that during the crisis the number of staff in LG company was not reduced. Workers of a factory enjoy proper labour conditions as well as good relax opportunities. There is a music studio at the factory, also different sport events are carried out regularly. Moreover, commemorating last anniversary of LG collected poetry of workers were edited. Versatile development of workers favours harmonious work-life balance.

Alexander Karpov, HR Director, LG Electronics Russia, Moskow, Russia

Andrey Zolotukhin, Chief Executive Officer, with his colleague Dmitriy Zozulya, Head of Sales, "Dragon Asset Management", prepared the report on the topic: "Private pension fund as a new method of personnel motivation and encouragement". Speakers enumerated its advantages both for an employer and an employee.

Yelena Yefremova, HR Director, "Henkel", Ukraine, brought before the delegates aspects of the corporate culture and revealed its connections with company motivation system. Yelena gave a lot of practical examples in the assumption of her 13-year-old experience in HR in the international companies. An expert elaborated on a question of material and nonfinancial incentives.

Elena Efremova, HR Director, Henkel Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev


Long-expected report of Vladimir Khimanych, HR Director, "Microsoft Russia", aroused keen interest of the audience. He spoke about Leadership. Vladimir touched upon the subject of development of the leadership qualities of HR managers. Key ideas of the report were underpinned by practical examples and achieved results. The expert clearly demonstrated how assessment process of the future potential of the employees works. Afterwards, inspired delegates shared their impressions with enthusiasm, and called Vladimir Khimanych one of the most brilliant speakers of the Summit.

Vladymyr Khimanych, HR Director, Microsoft Russia, Russia, Moskow

Stars shines not in vain. Irina Kosoriga, HR Director, "Interpipe JSC" discussed talent management. Long-term goal of the corporation presupposes talented employees in key positions. How to achieve it? By means of creation of educational programmes with a glance to business needs. At "Interpipe" the whole range of comprehensive educational programmes was designed intended for different personnel categories ("School of master", "Master basic training course", "Management school", "Labour potential" and so on).

Inna Kosoriga, HR Director, INTERPIPE NTRP Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk

Anna Podgornaya, HR Director, "Microsoft Ukraine" started conversation about corporate reputation management. Speaking about image and reputation, Anna gave excellent simile: "Image is like a snapshot. Reputation is like a photo album, collected with the lapse of time". However, only several people answered affirmatively the question: "Is there a person in your company, responsible for reputation management?". The speaker emphasized that most companies have a person who is in charge of brand development but only some of them have a worker, responsible for reputation management of the company, but they should remember that the brand is just a part of the picture. Anna covered all the components of the company reputation and metrics for its measurement.

Anna Podgorna, HR Director, Microsoft Ukraine Ukraine, Kiev



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