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Ukrainian HR Summit 2016



Ukrainian HR Summit 2012

HR Annual Ukrainian-Russian Business Event Ukrainian HR Summit 2012 was held on the 26th-27th of september, 2012 in capital business center Parus". Alex Polin International was the recruitment company in charge of the event.
There were 209 delegates present at the summit.

Series of interective sessions was led by HR Directors of leading companies, highlighting the most prominant topics of the business.

The first day

The event was set on a highly professional note: multiple back-to-back sessions created a welcoming atmosphere for sharing experiences, as well as incourage participants to share new ideas. Atmosphere during the breaks was relaxing and warm for guests to make new aquaintances for further business deals. Inspirational talks of famous guests were a great push for launching brave business ideas as well as personal growth.

Second day

For the first time we had an amazing opportunity to hear success story of an incredible person, talented sportsman, Sergij Bubka, who is currently the Head of National Olympic comitee, six time world pole vault champion, holding 35 world records. Sergij shared his experience, talked about his vision of personal growth, setting goals and work/personal life balance.

A number of informative reports were delivered by true professionals in HR. They shared their experience in the field, and touched upon some innovative ideas on how to encourage personnel for more effective results. During Q&A sessions participants activly asked questions, which were answered in the best way by true HR experts.

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